Dramatic moment speed boat narrowly misses kayaker

Dramatic moment speed boat narrowly misses kayaker

This is definitely not the type of surprise you want while out on a peaceful fishing trip.

image kayaker misses speedboat

Imagine minding your own business, peacefully fishing, and suddenly a speed boat nearly crashes into you? Crazy, right?! 

YouTuber 'adsastheone' was having a relaxing fishing session on his kayak in Ross Creek near Yeppoon, Australia when things suddenly got a little stressful. The calm sounds of the creek vanished as a speed boat approached.

The boat can be seen flying around the corner and the man fishing can be heard sharing a couple of choice words, reacting to what had just happened. 

Thankfully, the boat veered to the right of the kayaker and no one was injured.

Please note: Video contains strong language.

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