The fact that snakes can jump is shocking people

The fact that snakes can jump is shocking people

Snakes are terrifying as it is, but jumping snakes take things to a new level!

Brown snake looking up
Brown snake looking up/Pexels

A video showing a snake leaping off the roof of a house has been going viral and is freaking people out.

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In the video, you see a snake peek its head off the edge of a roof looking for a way down, but instead of slithering down, it launches itself off.

The snake leapt and fell straight to the ground, slithering away as if nothing had happened.

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People were freaked out after discovering that snakes can jump and commented: “…please keep this information from our snakes”.

Watch the video below:

@realrobertomara #stitch with @ilikeit.idontlikeit3 Doesn’t this just make you’re damn day. #snakes #snakescanjump #snakejump ♬ original sound - Robert O’Mara

Image: iStock

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