Half-naked husband invades wife's video call meeting

Half-naked husband invades wife's video call meeting

Around 2.6-billion people are currently on lockdown across the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

husband crashes wife's meeting
Screenshot/Facebook/Gamboa Yaocuicatl

If you are currently working from home, it's best to let your spouse know when your meeting times are in order to avoid this sort of mishap. 

We came across an hilarious video of a woman having a video call meeting when her unsuspecting husband casually walks towards her, in his underwear! As soon as the man realised what was happening, he tried to run but unfortunately ran in the wrong direction, slammed his entire body into a hard surface. 

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When he recovered from the shock, he managed to get away, leaving his embarrassed wife to explain the situation. 

Watch the video below:

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