US boy crashes weather report on live television

Hilarious! US boy crashes live weather report

This boy is going to make a very good meteorologist some day!

Boy interrupts weather report

Weather reports can be dull and boring, unless of course you bring someone like this young boy named Houston on set.

Houston is making headline after he crashed a live weather report on WLBT 3 a few days ago. 

Being the naughty boy that he is, he reportedly managed to move from the waiting area, where he was sitting with his father, to the news recording studio. 

Being the natural that he is, he didn’t waste any time taking over the weather report from meteorologist, Patrick Ellis. 

Houston predicted that the Mississippi area would experience "toots and farts everywhere". Hilarious!

He did such a good job that the station is now looking at having him back in studio.

Watch the young boy in action below. He will make your day!

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