Husband leaves passive aggressive note for wife’s lover

Husband leaves passive aggressive note for wife’s lover

One man decided to leave a passive aggressive note for his neighbour, who is apparently sleeping with his wife.

Cheating letter

An anonymous man from the UK has gone viral because of a note he left for the man he thinks is sleeping with his wife. We would expect the note to be angry, but it's actually very passive aggressive.

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The man shared a picture of the note on Reddit. The letter was titled, “Came home to my partner in bed with someone else! Pretty sure I struck the right tone?”

In the note he told the other man that he was sleeping with a woman who is married so they shouldn’t be doing the “dirty”.

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Some users took to the comments to give their opinion on the decidedly strange tone of the letter, with one person commenting: “This letter is pathetic. Umm excuse me can you please not f*** my wife, it makes me sad. Thanks.”.

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