IVF drama: Mother gives birth to someone else's baby

IVF drama: Mother gives birth to someone else's baby

A mother spent months raising someone else’s baby after a mix-up at an IVF clinic.

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Daphna and her husband Alexander went for treatment at an IVF clinic based in California and discovered that the child they had was not theirs.

They were first suspicious because the baby had a darker complexion then they did, but they fell in love with it anyway and three months later they discovered that the baby wasn’t genetically related to either of them.

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It turns out that the clinic they went to implanted the wrong couples' embryo in Daphna and their embryo was implanted in another couple.

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After four months, both babies were reunited with their actual parents, but Daphna and Alexander have decided to sue the clinic for medical malpractice, fraud, and unspecified damages.

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