Lady refused a job because of “big tummy”

Lady refused a job because of “big tummy”

Finding a job is hard enough as it is, but this one lady was refused a job because of one ridiculous reason…

Fat Stomach

A young lady that goes by Tima Tima has taken to social media to say that she was denied a job because she had a big tummy.

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This post left other users wondering what type of job she applied for, with some asking if it was a modelling job or a secretary position.

There were some incensed reactions from other users, with one user commenting: "How is that possible? unless the company produces flat tummy tea, nd probably want her to take over the marketing department, if not this is trash."

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What makes it worse is that Tima said that her tummy was big because she just recently gave birth!

Read the Instagram post below:

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