Katy Perry hilariously pranks museum visitors

Katy Perry hilariously pranks museum visitors

We absolutely love it when celebrities show their comical side! 

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We are sure that you have already seen Katy Perry's latest video for her 'Bon Appetit' single? Not only has it confused fans, but the singer depicts a very 'interesting', tasteful platter of emotions in her latest offering. 

However, that was only the beginning. The 'head on plate' concept has now been taken to the next level as an art exhibition at the Whitney Museum in New Your City. Katy Perry joined Derek from the 'Derek Does Stuff with a Friend' skit and pranked a few unexpected visitors. 

Perry found herself seated in a box, with her head placed on a plate, surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables, much like her single's cover artwork. The hilarious prank had many visitors fooled as some were confused and unsure if it was in fact the world-wide superstar. 

Nevertheless, it's super entertaining! 

Would you have immediately guessed it was Katy Perry? 

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