Listen to Sia’s newest single

Listen to Sia’s newest single

Sia has released the first single from her upcoming album, and it’s an absolute gem.

Sia Alive

Sia revealed in February that her next album will be called “This Is Acting”.  The reason for the mysterious title? The songs on the album are songs that she had initially written for other artists.

The first single from the album, which was released on Friday, was originally written for Adele, who co-wrote the song along with Sia and Tobias Jesso Jr.

Titled “Alive” – it’s clear that the song was written with Adele in mind. The immense song production and captivating vocals towards the end are traits that are reminiscent of the British songtress.

Take nothing away from the enigmatic Sia though, she absolutely owns the song and her version is excellent.

Listen to it here:

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