Man cheats after wife puts on too much weight

Man cheats after wife puts on too much weight

Out of all the reasons people have given for why they cheated on their spouses, this one has to be the craziest?!


A video showing a man narrating why he cheated on his wife has been going viral because of how laughable his reason is.

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In the video, you see the man seated beside his weeping wife while he explains his story to an interviewer.

The man said that when he first married his wife, she was “very beautiful and slender”, but as time went on she “became very fat and big”.

He continued to say that he tried to get her to lose weight using many different methods, but nothing was working.

That is when he said he decided to cheat, and the reason for that was felt the only way to bring his wife back was if he tampered with her peace of mind a little bit.

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Some people in the comments were shocked by the explanation and commented: “"I've been a therapist for 17yrs this is the 1st hearing this explanation."

Watch the video below:

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