Obese tigers spark outrage on internet

Obese tigers spark outrage on internet

"In my view, this is not funny or 'cute'. These animals are ill."

Obese tiger

The Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin City in China has come under fire after photos of its obese tigers went viral on the internet. The obesity is a result of drastic overfeeding by their carers, Metro reported.

This has sparked outrage on the internet.

Conservation organisation Born Free Foundation's president, Will Travers, told the publication: “These tigers appear very obese, indicative of a wholly inappropriate and unnatural diet, woefully inadequate opportunities for natural behaviour and exercise, and the constants of captivity. In my view, this is not funny or 'cute'. These animals are ill." 

In his article, 'Diet Feeding And Nutritional Care Of Captive Tigers Lions And Leopards’, Dr Ron Hines states: “Captive adult large cats should eat between 4 and 6% of their body weight or between 9-18 pounds of chunk meat when fed five days a week. Because temperature, habitats and exercise differ at every facility, they should be fed no more than the minimum amount that keeps them in lean condition. I see much more obesity among captive cats than excessive thinness.”

Overfeeding of wild animals can result in them not being able to move around and perform their natural activities.

See the shocking state of the tigers below.

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