Scary moment whale breaches dangerously close to boat

Scary moment whale breaches dangerously close to boat

Watching a whale breach while in the middle of the ocean can be very risky.

image whale breaching near boat

It's not every day that you are able witness a whale breaching. 

However, it can also be very dangerous. Seeing a whale in its natural habitat is a special sight to see, but it might be wiser from further away. 

A group of tourists had the opportunity to watch a few whales breaching and swimming in the ocean from a small boat. In the video, the small boat filled with tourists can be seen in the distance, surrounded by humpback whales. 

Suddenly, a large humpback whale emerges from the depths below and breaches meters away from the small boat.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

This must have been an unforgettable experience! Scary, but unforgettable.

Are you brave enough to observe whale breaching this way?

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