South African man mistakenly charged R120,000 for petrol

South African man mistakenly charged R120,000 for petrol

Going to the petrol pumps is a stressful experience these days but imagine being charged over R100,000!

Petrol prices

Recently, Sebastian Santino De Allende took to Facebook to share how he was charged an exorbitant amount of money for his fuel bill.

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In the post, De Allende said that he expected to pay a petrol bill of R1,200, but he got the shock of his life when he saw the actual amount.

When you look at his petrol bill, you see that he was charged an insane R120,020.14.

De Allende posted an update saying that he managed to get his money back from the petrol station, and he thanked everyone who helped his post go viral.

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The Facebook post read: “Thank you to everyone for sharing the post about Engen. It got their attention, and they immediately returned the money. I did delete the post because people were going crazy and I was getting friend requests every 5 seconds, it went way too viral but thank you, all sorted now.”

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