Terrifying moment python is found under child's bed

Terrifying moment python is found under child's bed

This will probably make you take a look under your bed every night before going to sleep!

python under sleeping boy's bed

A large python was found under a child's bed after it slithered through the window.

Not only did the large serpent make itself at home under the bed, it also feasted on the family's pet cat. 

Thanapoom Lekyen, 42, said she found the large serpent under her son's bed after spotting shiny scales under the mattress. Luckily, the boy had been sleeping in his mother's room the night before and managed to avoid possibly being strangled by the python. 

After making her terrifying discovery, Lekyen called the local animal rescue centre which dispatched Nattapon Boonmee with a pole and a lasso to catch the snake.

The footage shows Boonmee wrestling with the reptile which bit him with its razor-sharp fangs as he fought to subdue it.

Watch the scary footage below:

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