WATCH: Black Mamba found in braai!

WATCH: Black Mamba found in braai!

Imagine going out and getting ready to braai, and you get the biggest shock of your life seeing a Black Mamba hiding inside!

Mamba in braai

According to the homeowner, he saw the snake in his yard, and he attempted to scare it off, and that is when it slithered into the braai.

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The man opted for the safe route and chose to call in Nick Evans, a professional snake rescuer, to remove the serpent.

The homeowner told Evans that he wasn’t sure if it was a Black Mamba, but when Evans opened the braai a little, he immediately knew what it was.

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Evans also joked that it was a good thing the man saw the snake before it slithered into the braai; otherwise, he would have had an even bigger surprise.

Watch the video below:

Image: Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer/Facebook

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