WATCH: Fight in Sandton RocoMamas

WATCH: Fight in Sandton RocoMamas

With restaurants finally opening after lockdown, we would expect everyone to have a fun time out, but these people decided to have a brawl.

RocoMamas Fight

At a RocoMamas located in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton two tables get into a verbal dispute that quickly escalates into an all-out fight.

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It all starts when one man decides that the time for words is over and jumps across the booth and throws a flurry of punches at the other party.

He is backed up by five friends and then the real fight begins. We must hand it to the staff members at the restaurant as they try their best to stop the altercation before more people get sucked into the chaos.

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It isn’t clear what exactly started the fight but something truly infuriating must have happened besides the words thrown at the start.

Watch the full videos here:

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