WATCH: Little one takes on teacher in viral video

WATCH: Little one takes on teacher in viral video

Schools have recently reopened and teachers and students are already clashing.

Child fights with teacher
Screenshot/Facebook/Nkateko Masingi

Little ones are back at school and for some parents, this couldn't have come any sooner, especially for parents with strong-willed children. 

We came across a video of a teacher and her student having a heated argument and couldn't help but giggle and feel relief that we weren't in that classroom. 

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It's not clear how the argument started, but in the video, the little one can be heard shouting at his teacher and threatening her with a slipper spanking. After the threat, the teacher can be heard asking if the threat was meant for her, to which the child responds, "Ja!". 

The teacher then asks the little one to leave her class, to which the furious little one responds: "Even I don't want you, leave!". The spirited argument goes back and forth with the teacher continuously trying to tell little Lesedi to take his bag and leave her class. 

If you have a spirited child like this, we sure hope you're filming the outbursts to show them later when they're all grown up. 

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: Facebook/Nkateko Masingi 

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