WATCH: Woman discovers identical twin on YouTube

WATCH: Woman discovers identical twin on YouTube

A woman discovered she has a twin while browsing YouTube!

Twins meet after being separated at birth
Screenshot/YouTube/Coffee Break with Minji Chang

A woman named Anais Bordier, 33, knew she was adopted as a baby but didn't know that she had a twin sister. 

A friend of hers sent her a photo of an American actress named Samantha Futureman who looks exactly like her! After seeing the picture, Anais did some digging and found videos of Samantha on YouTube and discovered that they shared a birthday and that Samantha had been adopted as well. 

Anais then sent Samantha a friend request on Facebook asking her where she was born and after a few chats, the twins decided to meet. 

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Both were shocked to discover that they were sisters because neither of them had any idea about the other's existence. Anais was raised and an only child in Paris while Samantha was one of three children and was raised in the USA. 

Anais told that her paperwork in Busan, South Korea, stated that she was born to a single mom and didn't have any siblings.

The Twins later shot a documentary about their story and it's available on Amazon

Watch their interview below. 

Image Credit: YouTube

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