WATCH: You cannot melt this chocolate, not matter what you do

WATCH: You cannot melt this chocolate, not matter what you do

For such a brittle chocolate, Flakes can really stand the heat!


A video showing a woman trying to melt a Flake chocolate has been going viral - and has even got people exploring the science behind it.

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In the video, you see a woman trying to melt the chocolate by putting it in the microwave and leaving it for a while, but when she pulls it out, the chocolate is unharmed.

The woman was not the only one to try melt a Flake, and a YouTuber decided to get in on the action and try different melting methods.

He started first by using a microwave and got the same result, and even when he used a frying pan, the Flake held strong.

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The explanation for this has got to do with manufacturing process and basically the way the cocoa and fats are arranged in the chocolate.

See the video below:

@pudpuds7 Pud Puds try to melt a flake!! what the !!!! #flake ♬ original sound - Pud Puds 🍰

Our very own Gerda de Sousa decided to test it out. This is what happened...

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Image Credit: Thompson STEM Engagement/YouTube

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