What this woman wants for her 100th birthday will shock you

What this woman wants for her 100th birthday will shock you

A 99-year-old woman, who will be turning 100 soon, has shocked her family after letting them know what she wants for her birthday.

Beatrice Ingerling

You would think at 99, Beatrice Ingerling from Virginia may want a birthday party, family get away, or something simple and nice, but not this granny. She wants to do something very naughty, pole dancing.

“Some asked her what she wanted to do for her 100th birthday, and she said ‘a pole dance.’ And she no sooner said, ‘I don’t know why I said that.’ And the rest of us said we don’t know why you said that either, we didn’t even know you knew about pole dancing, Mom,” Lensch told the NBC 12.

The family has gone as far as installing a pole for her in her home at Chesterfield, just to make her dream a reality.

“We have worked it out that we are going to set up a pole for her. And she is going to do a pole dance. Very tasteful dressed. Not in the leopard print leotard that she once suggested, but she will stand up by the pole because that was her dream,” Lensch told the station.

Ingerling turns 100 on Saturday. This is going to be one hell of a 100th birthday celebration.

Another elderly person who recently surprised the world was Navy veteran, Arne Mayala, who learned how to tap dance at the age of 85.

Below is a video of an elderly woman pole dancing.

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