Would you fake a marriage proposal to get a free dessert?

Would you fake a marriage proposal to get a free dessert?

Well, two best friends did exactly that and now internet users think it's a great idea!

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Have you ever pretended that it's your birthday just to get a free dessert at your local restaurant? Maybe you have told your waitress that you are celebrating your anniversary? 

Well, this is happening - all for a free dessert! If you are that person who wouldn't mind telling a little white lie in order to get a tasty treat, then these people will be your heroes. 

Alex Nagle, 17, and his best friend Cati Domitrovich, 19, went out for dinner and came up with a stunt to cheer themselves up after a terrible week. The duo, from Texas, went to a fancy restaurant for a meal armed with a fake engagement ring and had to act like a couple for the entire dinner.

Not only has their stunt made headlines, but their post has been shared over 28,000 times and 'liked' over 54,000 times. More so, it has gotten people wondering why they haven't thought of this before? 

Are you willing to fake an event in order to score a free dessert?

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