Bonang Matheba looks flawless without make-up!

Bonang Matheba looks flawless without make-up!

Multifaceted media personality Bonang Matheba is known for being an expert in her field and turning anything she touches into gold.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba/Instagram (@bonang_m)

Multi-award-winning media personality and businesswoman Bonang Matheba has her fingers in many pies.

Recently, Bonang went bare-faced for a new campaign with Nivea on Instagram. 

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The founder of House of BNG posted a video after facing criticism on social media for her partnership with skincare company Nivea after the launch of their new Luminous 630 cream line.

Fans and followers alike were quite divided about the initial paid-for ad where Matheba is seen applying Nivea cream on a face full of make-up. 

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However, in her new video, the media personality is seen doing a four-week challenge. One cannot help but notice her flawlessly appealing skin. Have a look at the full video below:

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