Rian's first day on Tinder did not go very well
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Rian's first day on Tinder did not go very well

Last winter Rian decided to try something radical to find himself a companion: he created a Tinder account for himself. Unfortunately, things did not go as well as he expected. 

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In May this year, Rian decided to create a Tinder account. As one would expect, finding a date using an app is not easy. Here's what happened when Rian tried it out. 

Winter is steadily creeping in and pushing us all indoors. As temperatures drop, social calendars also tend to empty out. 
It's no wonder then that The Scenic Drive's Rian van Heerden was feeling a little lonely.

In efforts to remedy the situation, Rian decided to sign up for Tinder. 

Rian was frank: he is looking for a companion to weather to cold with. And, in the time of "there's an app for that!" Rian's starting up an account on Tinder is a natural progression.

Unfortunately, he soon realised that finding someone on Tinder is not as easy as swiping right or left. 

Rian talked about the confusion that came with his first day on the dating app. 

What if no one swipes right on your picture? If you don't get a response to your first message, should you send another one? How can you reach out to someone without looking too desperate?

Rian's first day on Tinder may not have been 100% successful, but there is hope.

After all, how will he meet someone if he doesn't put himself out there?

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