Can you remember the first SA reality TV star winners?

Can you remember the first SA reality TV star winners?

Big Brother and Idols SA - can you remember the first reality star winners?


Big Brother South Africa and Idols SA were some of the first big reality shows  to be broadcasted in South Africa.

Rian van Heerden decided to catch up with the first-ever winners of Idols SA, Heinz Winckler and Big Brother South Africa, Ferdinand Rabie. 

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Heinz Winckler walked away with the title of the  first winner of Idols SA in 2002. 

"In the beginning, the win did go to my head - I was young. Over the years things changed but people still think I'm arrogant - but I'm not", Heinz confessed to Rian.

Who can forget Ferdinand Rabie - the first winner of Big Brother South Africa. 

He made headlines all around the world for his unacceptable behaviour in the competition show. 

"When I entered the show, I had no idea what I was doing. I think why the first season was so good, is because no one had any idea what to do."

Can you remember his winning moment? 

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