Cheap 'n Easy: Top three recipes that you sent us

Cheap 'n Easy: Top three recipes that you sent us

We asked you to send us cheap, quick and easy recipes and this is what you came up with.

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Easy pasta dish:

Buy chorizo sausage

Chop it up and fry it with some onions and garlic.

Mix it with a can of tomato and onion mix

Bring it to a boil and season to taste

Throw it over some pasta with a dollop of sour cream on top

We also received this very saucy recipe. Have a listen:

Mince Dish:

You need R30’s mince, 2 eggs and cheese

Cook mince in microwave for a minute and a half

Mix in eggs and cook for another minute and a half

Season to taste and add cheese

Cook for another minute and half and voila!


You need two cups of mealie meal and put it in boiling water

Stir until thick and then cook on low heat for 20 minutes and it’s done

Potato and steak dish:

Cut potatoes in a dish

Drizzle with olive oil and paprika

Bake until 90% cooked

Braai a steak and cut into cubes

Put cubes into potatoes dish and cover with cheese bake for a few minutes and you’re done

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