Did you fall for a scam this Black Friday?

Did you fall for a scam this Black Friday?

A woman who believed she was paying for a brand new iPhone got a lot less than she bargained for.

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It is very difficult to resist a good deal. If you want to keep up with the latest trends at the lowest prices, then a secret sale or a bargain that is almost too good to be true is exactly the kind of deal you are looking for. 

A woman from Wisconsin was looking to upgrade her phone, and couldn't believe her luck when she came across a man selling the latest iPhone right on her street. 

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She immediately negotiated with the man, and checked the quality of the phone. He told her it had already been activated, and that she would only have to start paying the phone bill in December. 

She agreed to pay the man $100 for the phone, and they went their separate ways. This is what happened when she got home:

The woman had just paid $100 for a few pieces of cooked potato and an Android charger!

Apparently, after she checked the phone, the man somehow managed to hide the phone or swap the boxes. He took her money but did not give her the phone. 

There is no word on where the man is now. What is clear is that he profited off the woman's naivete. 

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The lesson here is to always triple check your purchases before you pay and before you get home, in order to avoid such disappointments. 

We all try to be careful when making expensive purchases, but mistakes do happen. 

What is the worst sale scam you have ever fallen for?

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