Is this the craziest thing someone has ever done for a bargain?

Is this the craziest thing someone has ever done for a bargain?

Is there really no end to the Black Friday madness?

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Shopping addicts and everyone who just cannot resist the words "sale", "discount" or "bargain" have been gearing up for Black Friday all week. 

People are making lists and setting their alarms for very early in the morning, so that they can be in the queues first. But what if there was a way to guarantee that you get to the front of the queue and secure a staff discount?

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A tweet advertising a Walmart uniform sent people into quite a frenzy. No doubt they were all enticed by the opportunity to easily "walk in, grab what you want, and walk out":

Former employees of several other big stores like Target and Best Buy jumped onto the bandwagon when they saw the original tweet going viral.

Despite a disclaimer that came later, in which the person who posted the original tweet said: "It was a joke, I don’t even own a Walmart vest", the tweet is still generating traffic.

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There is truly nothing people won't do to cash in on a Black Friday deal - fraud included!

How will you make sure that you secure all the bargains this weekend?

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