Five ridiculous things Lotto winners spend their millions on
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Five ridiculous things Lotto winners spend their millions on

Lottery machine

Today, one lucky South African is celebrating after winning the biggest record PowerBall draw in lottery. The winner, who will stay anonymous, walked away with R232 million. 

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What would you do with all that money? Would you buy a new house? Or find yourself a new job or even pay off all your debt? 

Landing the jackpot can also take a turn for the worst. Many people who win the lottery end up blowing it all. 

Business Insider investigated what some of the winners did with their money:

1. After hitting the jackpot, John Kutey built a water park in Green Island, New York. 

Water park / Pexels.

2. Nigel Willetts won the jackpot in 2014. He travelled the world and spoiled 13 family members to a vacation in Florida. 

3. Johanthan Vargas invested his money in entertainment after he won in 2008. He created a TV show with female wrestlers called 'Wrestlicious TakeDown'. The show lasted for one season. 

Wrestlicious TakeDown
Wrestlicious TakeDown / Youtube.

4. In 2005, Sarah Cockings walked away with more than $4.2 million prize money. She treated her family by paying for a new house, vacations, and cars. She also spoiled her sister with breast enlargement surgeries. 

5. Evelyn Adams was not so lucky. After winning $5.4 million, she decided to push her luck for extra cash and went to the slot machines in Atlantic City. After gambling all her money, she's living in a trailer park.

6. In 1961, Vivian Nicholson won a fortune. After she won, she immediately bought dresses from Harrods. She also treated herself to luxury cars and traveled to the US and Europe. Today, Vivian is poor with only clothes left. 

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