FOTO: Donnalee en Ivan verwelkom baba seuntjie

FOTO: Donnalee en Ivan verwelkom baba seuntjie

Donnalee Roberts en Ivan Botha se baba seuntjie Cameron Ivan is gebore!

donnalee and ivan selfie
Supplied/Donnalee Roberts

Maandag het aktrise en vervaardiger Donnalee Roberts het die opwindende nuus op sosiale media gedeel dat haar seuntjie uiteindelik gebore is. 

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Donnalee het 'n spesiale foto gedeel waar sy aan haar baba seuntjie noem: "Om JOU Mamma te word, het my hele wese, elke sel in my liggaam, letterlik verander..."


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Oh the places you will go ... My dearest beautiful baby boy, you came into this world with such a calm determination and forever changed it, may every step that you take on this beautiful journey called LIFE be filled with the greatest most colourful adventures, may all your roads always lead you to the JOY of the Lord as that is our greatest strength, may you always lead by example, may every route that you follow and every turn off that you take always be guided by a deep wisdom, may you leave footprints in the hearts of every person that crosses your path because you always make them feel seen and valued. KINDNESS, COMPASSION & COURAGE were the three words that were placed into my heart the day that we found out that we were going to be blessed with a son and we prayed on the calling on your name & your life... ever since, the image of a ‘Gentle Lion’ has been given to us from many people who crossed our path in our preparation to meet you. Becoming YOUR mommy has literally changed my entire being, every cell in my body ... as I have discovered my greatest calling and have been given a glimpse into God’s LOVE for us ... indescribable all consuming awe inspiring LOVE ... your beautiful daddy @ivanbotha17 and I are your BIGGEST fans (you have THE MOST amazing daddy in the whole world, he is literally my hero and one day when we tell you the story of the day that you came into this world you will know exactly why!!) he is my BEST FRIEND and I just know he is going to be yours too ... we hope that you DREAM BIGGER than big and we will always always be there cheering and supporting whatever it is you choose to do with your beautiful life!! Cameron Ivan Botha born 04-03-2020 🌈

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Ivan Botha het op Dinsdag 'n foto van sy seuntjie op Instagram gedeel. 

"Wat 'n nederige eer om jou pa te wees. Ek belowe om altyd my bes te doen," het Ivan Botha aan sy seuntjie Cameron Ivan genoem. 

Baie geluk, Donnalee en Ivan!

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