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Heidi and Chantal attended Sisters with Blisters in the Scenic Cruizer!

Heidi du Preez-Smit and Chantal Grobler had the opportunity to arrive at the 1st for Women Sisters with Blisters walk at St Stithian's in the Scenic Cruizer. 

heidi cruizer 1

The 1st for Women Sisters with Blisters walk took place on 10 March at St Stithian's, and two lucky Scenic Drive listeners had the chance to arrive at the venue in style!

Heidi du Preez-Smit and her good friend Chantal Grobler walked to raise awareness about woman and child abuse. It was also in celebration of a personal victory, as the two of them were there for each other when gender-based violence hit home. 

Not only did Heidi and Chantal look great in their pink tutus, but they also made a grand entrance at the big occasion!

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