How do I make money from social media? Elma Smit gives advice

How do I make money from social media? Elma Smit gives advice

TV and radio personality, author, and digital content creator, Elma Smit, has talked about her book and how to make money from digital content. 

Elma Smit
Instagram/ Elma Smit

TV and Jacaranda FM radio presenter, Elma Smit, is a skilled and multi-talented digital content creator.

In 2020, Elma Smit wrote and published her first book, 'Become an Influencer'.

But do you need to be popular to make money from social media? No! There are, however, a few important lessons verified influencers (those with the blue ticks and paying clients) have learnt through trial and error. As traditional media keeps losing eyeballs and revenue to digital and indeed social media, this content revolution presents unprecedented opportunities for those who know how to make the most of their interests and smartphones. 

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In 2019, Elma Smit was hand-picked by two global governing bodies as the face of their World Cup content campaigns, in the space of only six months. Yet, she generated more revenue from influencer work in that same period than from anything else. 

In 'Become an Influencer', one of South Africa’s leading content creators and influencers spills the beans on how to build a loyal audience, how to charge for paid campaigns, and how to avoid running into a social media meltdown. Maps Maponyane, Rachel Kolisi, Nadia Jaftha, Liesl Laurie, and a whole host of other leading influencers also reveal their influencer secrets, tips, and hard-won lessons to Elma, while leading strategists who select influencers for global and local campaigns share what they look for in an influencer.

Elma Smit joined the Scenic Drive to talk about content and how to create content that will get you paid. 

"I think the biggest mistake people make is when they think you need a certain amount of followers or a certain look to be an influencer."

Smit mentioned that you need to find an audience. 

"Focus on the content, and built an audience that is loyal. Once you have that, set up relationships with other influencers with the same content. After that, you start partnering with brands.

"I've made more money out of digital content than other work," Smit continued. 

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Image: Instagram/ Elma Smit

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