Lawless festival goers loot Cape Town cycle shop

Lawless festival goers loot Cape Town cycle shop

Popular Cape Town bike shop Rook Cycles was looted after the city's annual Festival of Lights.

broken shop door

Cape Town's Festival of Lights marks the beginning of the festive season and is well-attended by citizens annually. This year, the activities after the main programme had concluded unfortunately included a bout of looting. 

Popular cycling shop Rook Cycle was the target of vandalism and theft in the early hours of Monday morning. The shop owners are distraught and a few of Rook Cycle's clients have expressed disappointment.

The looters broke a glass window to access the store, later opening the door to carry out equipment and bikes. The crowd proceeds apparently with no concern of being caught. 

Rook Cycles called out Cape Town police for not being vigilant enough about controlling the masses after the Festival, but said that they would not let criminals derail the goals they have for their business: 
"We’re so optimistic about South Africa. We’ve had opportunities to open elsewhere, but we’ve always stayed firm that this is where we need to be. It’s just too bad amongst all the great people we have here, there’s a bunch of worthless oxygen thieves that ruin it for the good folks out there. We’ll remain optimistic and we’ll rebuild. Thanks for all the support."

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) responded, stating that once they followed up on the incident four bicycles were recovered. 

Image: paulsbarlow7

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