Make My Monday: Car branding for business owner

Make My Monday: Car branding for business owner

With the help of Sign Wraps in Benoni, the Scenic Drive team was able to assist a listener with car branding for his business. 


Bonnie Saacks wrote to the Scenic Drive team to assist Warren, her husband, with car branding for his business.

"My husband is self-employed and things have not been easy since COVID-19."

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Warren from Aquabella Beautiful Water (082 490 2313) services and installs water purification systems which has now become somewhat of a luxury, as everyone is trying to save as much money as possible at the moment.

"He had to sell his car as it was just costing us too much money on repairs and maintenance he was lucky enough to be able to put down a deposit on a second-hand car from a family member which we will have to pay off monthly, its an old car but in pretty good condition just needs a bit of work which we can't afford right now, but we will get there.

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"Unfortunately, all of our money goes towards my son’s medical bills as he has a rare immune deficiency (PID) which entails Poylgam every four weeks which is basically a blood infusion, our medical aid is amazing and they cover this however he has other medical bills that need to be paid every month, as you can imagine the last 18-months have been an absolute nightmare, trying to keep him COVID-19 free."

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"He would really love to “wrap” the car with some signage just to get his name out there as much as possible. Word of mouth and advertising is the best way to get more business. We just don’t seem to get around to finding the extra money for these kinds of things.

"My husband Warren works so hard and I would just love to be able to do something to help him with this."

Compliments of Sign Wraps:

Sign Wraps will wrap (brand) his car with the design layout of your choice, and cover the full amount - all to the value of R2,070!

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