Make My Monday: a-ha tickets for a single mom

Make My Monday: a-ha tickets for a single mom

The Scenic Drive team surprised a listener with a-ah tickets! Listen below!


The Scenic Drive team received a message from Simone Shaw, who was hoping to attend the a-ah concert with her sister and her son. 


I have a small request. I was not quite sure where to send my email to, as I almost feel a bit bad that I would be asking for something like this, but I honestly just don't have the funds now to treat my son and my sister to tickets to see a-ah.

My sister lost her husband a year ago and has had a tough year, and she loves a-ah. My 16-year-old son is also a fan, but being a single mom, and after getting school books, fees etc, like many other single parents out there have to do, I just don't have the funds to treat them to a day out and would love to see a-ah. 

If it is possible, could you please bless them with two general tickets, that would be amazing. 


  • Four tickets to a-ah
  • CD'S and t-shirts from Warner Bros. Music. 

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