Make My Monday: Rian and Barry Roux help listener with his new career as a lawyer
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Make My Monday: Rian and Barry Roux help listener with his new career as a lawyer

Rian and advocate Barry Roux helped a new lawyer celebrate his degree with his family. 

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We received a message from Leonard Erasmus from Lichtenburg in the North West. He says he was a TMPD officer for many years before deciding that he wanted to further his studies. 

Leonard, his wife, twin boys (17), and his daughter (14) moved from Pretoria to Lichtenburg in order for him to further his studies. 

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He currently works at MM Breytenbach Attorneys in Zeerust and will be admitted on the 26th of April 2019. He used to be part of the foreign president’s task team that would escort foreign presidents around when they visited South Africa and, as a result, he never got time to complete his law degree. He started his studies in 2003 but only now managed to finish his degree.

HERE IS HIS MESSAGE: "Hi Rian en crew. I was a member of the TMPD and at the end of 2016, I decided to do my articles at a law firm. I have even relocated from Pretoria to Lichtenburg due to the fact that at my age no one would take me into employment. On the 5th of April, everything comes together. This is when I get admitted as an attorney. Since September 2018 I have not received any salary while waiting for this. I have further not had any money to take my family out for dinner or to buy them some decent clothing. My wife and three kids have had to do with what they have. I wanted to take my family out for supper at the Spur on the 5th, however, this is not possible because we would be 12 people. You would really make my Monday of you could arrange that my family could get some decent clothes and that we as a family could go eat out for a change on the 5th in celebration of the end if a 15-year struggle to reach this point. And Riaan that’s not out of a tin please, we do that enough. Please please please make my Monday before the 5th of April. Thanks, team."


-     Spur agreed to give them a R3,000 voucher for their local Spur. This will allow him to celebrate properly.

-     Barry Roux to welcome him to the fraternity.

-     Pick n Pay Clothing has gifted Leonard with a voucher worth R5,000 so that he can spoil his family with some new clothes. 

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