Make My Monday: Special birthday request for four-year-old

Make My Monday: Special birthday request for four-year-old

With the help of Arapaho Spur and Kiowa Spur, the Scenic Drive team was able to assist a mother to make her daughter's birthday party extra special. 

Birthday Balloons

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Karien asking for assistance to make her daughter's fourth birthday extra special. 

"At the moment there is no money, not even for a little gift."

Compliments of Arapaho Spur and Kiowa Spur:

The generous people from Arapaho Spur and Kiowa Spur would like to make Karien’s Monday, by making her daughter’s birthday as special as possible! 

The people at Spur have decided to provide Karien with:

  • 30 Goodie Bags that will be delivered to her daughter's school by the Spur mascot
  • A frozen birthday cake
  • A special birthday gift


  • Dinner for mom, dad, and kids at either Arapaho or Kiowa Spur.

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