Make My Monday: A trip to Cape Town to see best friend after a decade

Make My Monday: A trip to Cape Town to see best friend after a decade

Rian van Heerden and the Scenic Drive team received a letter from a woman who hasn't seen her best friend in a decade - and the team decided to help her. 

Cape Town harbour
Cape Town harbour/Pixabay

There are days when we all wish to see our best friend - even if it's only for a few minutes. 

A Scenic Drive listener, Lizelle Thompson haven't seen her best friend in over a decade and her biggest wish is to see her. 


"Make My Monday: Please buy me an airplane ticket to Cape Town. I have not seen my best friend in 12 years. All we want to do is see each other and go out and drink wine together and have a good time. It is my only wish for my birthday that is in July. However, it will be awesome to go next week for a day or two... Lizelle Thomson." 

Lizelle says they met when they were both in grade 5 in Van Der Bijl Park and after school life happened. Henriette moved back to Cape Town with her family and when Lizelle got married 12 years ago, they planned their honeymoon so that she could see her friend. That was the last time she saw her. Lizelle says they would often watch Wimbledon together via Skype – each with a glass of wine in the hand. All she wants is to drink a glass of wine with her best friend.

They have been friends for over 30 years. 


Our friend at has agreed to give Lizelle a return ticket to Cape Town on the 26th of July – a day after Lizelle’s birthday.

The two friends will also be spoiled at the Oldenburg Vineyards in Stellenbosch. They will be treated to a wine tasting, lunch and a case of their best wine.


We believe that Oldenburg is a place of extraordinary peace and beauty. It has become clear to us that there are 8 Natural Elements – rarely ever found in a single location – which all contribute to the uniqueness of our farm, and the potential to produce wines of singular quality.

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