Meet the voices behind the telenovela 'Stiletto Vendetta'

Meet the voices behind the telenovela 'Stiletto Vendetta'

These popular South African actors and radio host are the voices behind the characters in 'Stiletto Vendetta'.

Altus Theart, David Louw & Lundi Khoisan
Jacaranda FM/ Altus Theart, David Louw & Lundi Khoisan

The telenovela 'Stiletto Vendetta' on eEXTRA, channel 105 on DStv, is about four beautiful and successful women who are brought back together as adults after being childhood friends. 

The women have old scores to settle, as new rivalries start to develop.

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As teenagers, Arzu, Merve and Pelin played a cruel prank on their over-achieving best friend Oya, leaving her shamed, devastated, and suicidal. Over the years, the three remained close but didn’t hear from Oya again, never daring to make contact, fearing the worst - that they had driven her to take her own life.

When fate brings the foursome back together, Oya is determined to get close to the women who threatened to ruin her life and seek her final revenge.

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Popular South African actors David Louw and Altus Theart, who are both in 'Getroud Met Rugby' on kykNET, lend their voices for characters in the telenovela. 

TV presenter and radio host, Lundi Khoisan, is also part of the voice line-up used to dub the characters. 

Louw, Theart, and Khoisan joined the Scenic Drive with Rian to talk about the dubbing process.

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Catch 'Stiletto Vendetta' on eEXTRA, Openview channel 105 at 20:30.

Image: Jacaranda FM

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