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Rian investigates: What unconventional things do people do to spice up their relationships?

Rian is asking all the questions, so that you don't have to. 

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At one point or another, people in steady relationships may find themselves asking: "How do we keep the spark alive?"
Knowing that he would get some great answers, Rian took the question to our listeners. He was not disappointed.

Aside from the conventional weekly date nights or romantic surprises, Rian wanted to know what people do to maintain a healthy sex life. Our listeners were forthcoming and had a lot of fun answering Rian's question. Marcelle, Marius, and Thabiso also added their two cents' worth, with Marcelle concluding that the formula was simple: "Variety is the spice of life."

But what about those couples who want to bring more adventure into their lives? Rian invited two men who are active in the "Puppy Play" community to share a little bit about why they choose this kind of role playing for their relationship. 

Puppy Play involves partners taking on the roles of a dog and a handler, then playing out various scenarios which allow them to explore power dynamics. Buddy revealed that he found the role-playing helped him to manage his stress: by relinquishing his power to his handler, he is able to relax and forget about the frustrations of daily life, specifically those stemming from his high-pressure day job.

Though the two men chose not to reveal their identities, the conversation was insightful and gave the team a lot to think about. 

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