Saudi fashion show replaces models with drones

Saudi fashion show replaces models with drones

Organisers of an annual fashion show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia believe hanging clothes on flying drones would "bring a change" to what audiences usually expect to see. Not everyone who witnessed the spectacle was impressed. 

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The fashion world sustains itself by always finding new and interesting ways to display and sell clothes. If a runway show doesn't set tongues wagging, then it is not worth putting on. 

But can there be such a thing as too much innovation? That's what fashion lovers who witnessed a model-less fashion show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia have been asking themselves. 

No, those are not ghosts. The clothes were attached on hangers that were flown up and down the runway by drones. The clothes were displayed, but no models were used.

Is this a tactic to save money on models, or is it a ploy to take the excitement and allure of fashion shows to the next level? Either way, observers were not impressed.

CNN International spoke to Alia Khan, Chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council in the UAE, who was not impressed with the display at Jeddah: "This was not really something I would encourage. When you see empty clothes flying in the air, it's just unappealing..."

She did, however, acknowledge that it is good for creators to think out of the box.

Whether this is too far out of the box remains to be seen. 

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