South African businessman spots Ajay Gupta in Dubai

South African businessman spots Ajay Gupta in Dubai

In a bizarre encounter outside the Indian Consulate in Dubai, Ajay Gupta informed a concerned South African citizen that he would only return to South Africa once he has 'received a reply'.

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In this week's edition of Where In the World is Ajay Gupta?, we have a South African businessman casually bumping into the fugitive outside an office block in Dubai.

According to The Citizen, Justin van Pletzen met and briefly spoke to Ajay Gupta in the early hours of this morning. It is believed that Gupta was meeting with the Indian Consulate.

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In the footage below, Justin greets Ajay and says: "Are you going back to South Africa? The country's looking for you."

Ajay replies that he is well aware of the situation, but does not give any indication that he is in a hurry to return to South Africa to face the music.

Justin must be commended for staying cool in the situation. A lesser person may have been moved to give Ajay Gupta a few choice words, or even a klap.

Due to the absence of an extradition agreement between the governments of South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, getting Ajay Gupta back into the country to answer to his charges has been nearly impossible. 

Perhaps in the meantime more brave South Africans living in Dubai can try to talk some sense into the man?

Jacaranda FM News got in touch with Justin to hear more about this bizarre encounter:

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