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Taxi driver overtakes on busy road, instantly regrets it

A taxi driver in Johannesburg got quite a surprise when one of his less-than-legal manoeuvres put him right in the hands of traffic officers. 

Facebook/Levi Shishler

We all know how taxi drivers treat K53 like a suggestion, rather than the rule of law. Many drivers have resigned themselves to the fact that some roads 'belong' to taxis.

It is not fair that taxi drivers get away with careless driving so often. But sometimes, the universe delivers swift justice to those who have been wronged. 

On a busy Johannesburg road, with traffic moving very slowly, one taxi driver decided to swerve his way out of the delay by making an illegal overtaking manoeuvre.

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What would usually have been a quick trick that got the driver out of the busy lane and left others in traffic frustrated because they couldn't do the same, ended in a confrontation with the JMPD. Watch the action unfold in the video clip below:

Social media users could not praise the traffic officers enough for their rapid response:

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