Read this before visiting a naturist resort this holiday

Read this before visiting a naturist resort this holiday

A married couple from Pretoria spoke to Rian about why they prefer living life in the buff. Will their story convince you to try being a naturist?

nudist at dusk

Have you ever wondered how your neighbours really live behind closed doors?

Away from the school events and the church bazaars, you would be quite surprised to find out how they spend their time. 

And if you happened to find out that your neighbours were naturists, then you might have to re-evaluate your friendship with them altogether.  Or, would you?

Estelle* and Pieter* from Pretoria visited the Scenic Drive to talk to Rian van Heerden and the team about what it really means to follow the clothes-free lifestyle.

Estelle and Pieter are regulars at the Sun Eden Naturist Resort in Dinokeng, near Hammanskraal.

They let Rian know that there are strict rules that people at naturist resorts follow to ensure that everyone around feels safe and free to be themselves without fear. A naturist resort is not just an opportunity to exploit others. 

The couple was kind enough to answer some questions from a very concerned listener who could not see the benefit of naturism at all.

So, did Estelle and Pieter convince you  to give a place like Sun Eden a try?

*Names have been changed to protect the couple's identity. 

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