WATCH: Baby stops crying when hearing Adele sing

WATCH: Baby stops crying when hearing Adele sing

Sometimes Adele is the only one that can fix your problems...


The 'Hello' singer, Adele, is possibly one of the greatest musicians of our time and is known for her incredible voice and songwriting. 

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Adele recently made her comeback with a hit album, '30'. 

The album became the best-selling album in 2021 in the US - just three days after it was released. 

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Adele's fourth studio album also sold the most copies in a single week in 2021.

The biggest single of the 15-time Grammy winner's latest album is 'Easy On Me'. 

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In a recent viral video, a baby was filmed crying. As soon Adele started playing in the background, the baby became calm and started smiling. 

Watch the adorable video below: 

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