WATCH: 'The Crown' cast dances behind the scenes in viral clip

WATCH: 'The Crown' cast dances behind the scenes in viral clip

If you love 'The Crown' - you will love it even more after watching the cast dancing between scenes. 

The Crown
Twitter/ Best of Josh O’Connor

'The Crown' is an historical drama television series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The drama series has won several awards and has millions of viewers on Netflix.

A video of the cast dancing to Lizzo's hit song, 'Good As Hell', has hit social media - and users are loving every moment of it. 

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The cast danced in full costume, in-between filming Lord Mountbatten's funeral scene.

The hilarious clip was played as Gillian Anderson, who portrays Margaret Thatcher, was interviewed by Seth Myers on 'Late Night'.

Anderson revealed it was "never meant to see the light of day".

According to Anderson, the cast had learnt the choreography after Olivia Colman asked them to and shared it to her Instagram months later.

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Image Credit: Twitter/ Best of Josh O’Connor

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