WATCH: Elton John surprises beachgoers with live performance

WATCH: Elton John surprises beachgoers with live performance

Legendary singer Elton John performed the new remix of 'Cold Heart'.

Elton John
Instagram/ Elton John

Legendary singer-songwriter Elton John surprised a group of beachgoers with a live performance.

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John gave an impromptu concert to beachgoers in Cannes, at La Guèrite Restaurant on the waterfront, sitting himself down in the DJ booth and taking over the mic while on holiday. 

John performed his and Dua Lipa's new remix, 'Cold Heart', and posted the performance on Instagram.

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The video has already received over 2.5-million views:

Earlier, John had posted the promo for the new single, saying: "This track is the culmination of a beautiful friendship with you Dua and I’m so happy we can now share it - I hope you all love it!"

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Image Credit: Instagram/ Elton John

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