WATCH: Hilarious South African lockdown ad hits social media

WATCH: Hilarious South African lockdown ad hits social media

King Price released their latest ad and has left South Africans in stitches.

King Price
Facebook/ King Price

King Price released their latest ad, and like others in their "when others don’t make sense” series, the ad revolves around an hilarious misunderstanding during the lockdown in South Africa.

Everywhere we go, we must wear a mask - and our temperature must be checked regularly. 

In the latest King Price ad - a traffic officer pulls over a driver at a roadblock to check her temperature and to ask for her permit - but things don't go as planned. 

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When the traffic officer checks her temperature, he says: "You are very hot." She replies: "Yeah, I know."

The traffic officer continues by saying she's 38. The driver misunderstands and says she's not even 30 yet. 

"I'm not even 30 yet, not a single grey hair," she continues. 

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When he asks for her permit - she says she wants to perm her hair, but all the hairdressers are closed. 

On Facebook, the insurance company said: “Sometimes…you just have to laugh. And luckily, us South Africans are good at that!"

Watch the hilarious ad below: 

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