WATCH: Little girl caught 'stealing' snacks and pretends to be 'asleep'

WATCH: Little girl caught 'stealing' snacks and pretends to be 'asleep'

A little girl was caught by her grandmother 'stealing' snacks - and pretended to be 'asleep'.

Girl pretending to be asleep
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A toddler was caught red-handed by her grandmother when she stole a pack of snacks from the kitchen – and her reaction has been melting hearts on social media.

According to the Daily Star, Amala was spotted holding a bag of snacks and was trying to get away with it by pretending to be asleep.

The grandmother recorded her reaction when she was busted. 

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In the video clip, the grandmother is heard saying: "Amala, put it back."

But little Amala kept her eyes shut and stood still in the corner as if she was sleeping.

"You hear me? Open your eyes," the gran said.

After a few moments, Amala opened her eyes and gave a cheeky smile. 

Watch the cute video below: 

Did she just act like she's sleeping when i caught her getting snack??? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🙊🙄😳💀🤣

Posted by Chris J. Vaughn on Saturday, June 20, 2020

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