WATCH: Student gets robbed during Zoom class

WATCH: Student gets robbed during Zoom class

A young woman was in a Zoom class call with other students and a teacher when the horrifying moment happened. 

Robbed during Zoom class
New York Post

A video of a young woman being robbed while being on a Zoom class has been shared on social media. 

In the video, a bunch of men can be seen walking on screen. They then statt to take the young women's household possessions. 

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It seems the robbers were unaware that they were in full view for everyone on the zoom call.

According to the New York Post, her classmates called the police immediately. The four suspects who were arrested were identified and it is not known what charges they faced.

The incident happened in Ecuador.

Watch the moment below: 

This video is a reminder to be safe, be on the lookout and always to lock your doors. 

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