Woman branded 'ungrateful' after she complains about her engagement ring

Woman branded 'ungrateful' after she complains about her engagement ring

A woman who asked people to "roast" her boyfriend for picking an ugly engagement ring is being widely criticised online.

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For some people, an engagement ring is the one piece of jewellery that sets the tone for a marriage. If the ring does not fit the wearer's personality or style, it can put a dampener on the overall festivities of getting engaged and planning a wedding. It may only be a band, but to some, it means the world.

There is also the small matter of the wedding industrial complex and the way it pulls you in and drives you crazy.

That may be one of the reasons behind the rise of "ring shaming" groups on Facebook. In these groups, women post pictures of their rings and ask others to critique them, often delivering a scathing review of the partners that bought them in the process.

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One unidentified woman's post has gone viral within days of it being posted in a group, apparently with the purpose of getting advice on how to politely decline a proposal that comes with an "ugly" ring. The woman does not explain why she was rummaging through her partner's belongings in the first place. Instead, she chooses to focus on how her partner has no taste. 

The post made it off of Facebook and onto Reddit, where people have mercilessly slammed the woman for being ungrateful and selfish. Some believe that if this is her attitude toward a ring then she is not ready for marriage at all. 

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The woman's entitlement has people feeling sorry for her partner, who is likely unaware of how mean she is. 

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